How We Save You Money

At Country and Coastal Lettings, we believe that you CAN have a good quality and specialist lettings service – and it doesn’t have to cost the earth!!

By keeping our overheads low, we are able to pass on our significant savings to you, our valued customers, without compromising an ounce of quality.  Our Tenant Find Service is just as important to us as our Managed Services and that’s why we have so many recommendations and repeat instructions!

Our Tenant Find Service is just the equivalent to 3 Weeks rent+VAT and is popular with both the experienced landlord and those who are confident enough to manage their properties and tenancies themselves.

For those who want more help, but are confident in managing any maintenance problems themselves, the Part Managed Service is extremely popular at just 7%+V.A.T (8.4% inc. V.A.T) of the monthly income.

And for those who want complete peace of mind – or want to jet off and live in Barbados … the Fully Managed Service is equally competitive at just 9%+V.A.T (10.8% inc. V.A.T) of the monthly income.

We believe in being transparent with our fees – we don’t shy away from our charges and don’t hide any extra renewal fees or check out fees into our system.  We know that our honesty and up-front attitude gains the respect of our landlords – and we want to keep it that way!

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